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We are very fortunate to have our own kitchen providing freshly prepared and cooked meals to order.

School Meals need to be ordered and purchased in advance by midnight on the Saturday a week ahead.  Meals cost £2.50 each, payment and meal bookings should be made through the School Gateway.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible to receive school meals free of charge thanks to the Universal Infant Free School Meals funding, provided by the government. We urge you to book a meal choice, even if you choose a Home Packed Lunch as meals are cooked to order and not automatically provided.  


Spring/Summer Menu 2024 for 15th April to 21st October 2024:


School Meal - Special Themed Menus 2024










Special Diet 

Should your child require a special diet i.e. gluten-free, dairy free; please complete the form below and return to school and South West Norse.

Food Standards

Our menu meets the food standards.

These include:

  • 1 or more portions of vegetables or salad as an accompaniment every day
  • at least 3 different fruits, and 3 different vegetables each week
  • an emphasis on wholegrain foods in place of refined carbohydrates
  • an emphasis on making water the drink of choice:
  • limiting fruit juice portions to 150mls
  • restricting the amount of added sugars or honey in other drinks to 5%
  • no more than 2 portions a week of food that has been deep fried, batter coated, or breadcrumb coated
  • no more than 2 portions of food which include pastry each week