School Transport

Devon County Council has a policy on the provision of School Transport.  It provides, for free, school transport where a pupil of compulsory school age lives beyond the agreed statutory distance from the school serving the home address. 

Transport will also be provided where requested if pupils are registered at a school that is not the designated school but which is the nearest to their home.  In the latter case the school must be beyond the walking distance and suited to the age, ability and aptitude of the child.

For a child under eight years of age the walking distance is 2 miles from the home to the school, measured to the nearest available route.  For pupils aged eight and over the walking distance is 3 miles.

Transport may be provided without charge to children within the statutory walking distance where a route is considered to be exceptionally hazardous or where an authorised officer of the School Health Service indicates that transport is required for a child on medical grounds.  Such transport will be made available only to the designated school or nearest school where that is not necessarily the designated establishment.

It is a parent’s responsibility to arrange for children to travel in safety between the home and picking up and setting down points.


Where the Authority is not obliged to provide transport it is the parent’s responsibility to make arrangements for and meet the cost of travel between home and school.  Where spare seats on County Council’s school transport vehicles or contractors’ vehicles are available, these may be occupied by children not entitled to free school transport on the purchase of a concessionary ticket.  Adequate warning will be given to parents should the concession need to be withdrawn.

If parents are unhappy about the way in which the policy has been applied, the Area Education Officer will be willing to discuss any concerns.  An appeal procedure exists.


Accidents, breakdowns and unusual conditions sometimes cause the buses to be late.  Where this happens, every effort is made to notify parents by telephone.  If no message has been received, please telephone the school for information.


For problems  relating to bus journeys to and from school the School Transport Office can be contacted on

Tel:   0845 155 1019

or visit