London 2016

Definitely well done Mrs Rowcliffe

Thank you for looking into this. It is always worth asking for and parents (certainly we) can be reassured that you all do you best to keep these trips costs down as much as possible.

Happy mid-term week!


Dear Mrs Fenemore
I am writing to thank Mrs Rowcliffe for her attention to detail and for her patience in securing a refund for us parents.  It just shows that you are leading a team of teachers who take an active role in ensuring our local families receive the fairest deal possible when organizing such events that enhance our children's' experiences, knowledge and understanding.  I am struck by the amount of effort and planning that goes into such trips, but to be told that a teacher has gone above and beyond their duty in order to secure recompense after the event is heart warming and welcome.
Many thanks again for taking the trouble to inform us of this turn of events.
A grateful parent
Well done Mrs Rowcliffe.
You are a star.  All your efforts on behalf of parents are much appreciated.