Class 6D

  • Mr M Davis


I hope you have all had a lovely half term break – and that you managed to get outside a little bit between the storms! It was lovely to see all of the Year 6 children on Monday and to learn that all of them will be returning to school within a fortnight. In English this week, we have been using the Harry Potter books to practice writing cohesively, paying attention to pronouns, determiners, adverbs and subordinating conjunctions. The children have practised identifying these techniques as well as editing them into a piece of writing that is not written cohesively. In Maths, we have finished our unit around converting metric and imperial measures. The children have been applying formulas to solve problems and convert different units of measures. In History, our focus this term is on The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. This week, Year 6 have completed a preliminary piece of work about modern China so they have something to compare to. Finally, the children have been manipulating data using spreadsheets in IT – and using the software to plan and cost a school party for twenty five people. Let's look forward to one last week of remote learning for those of you at home!


Letters to Parents: