Class 3P

  • Miss J Poole


We've had a great start to the Spring two term this week. The children at home and in the classroom have worked incredibly hard in all their lessons. In English we have started a new focus text 'A River' by Marc Martin. We have looked at the patterns we can see in the text and revisited prepositions and synonyms. In Maths we looked at comparing statements and related calculations, this was tricky but we are doing so well. We then used our fantastic place value knowledge to solve a mystery at Gideon Gold's Chocolate Factory! We also wrote some beautiful poems and stories about hope in PHSE. In Science, we have started to look at the importance of our skeleton and we did some wonderful diagrams. We are looking at money next week and if you happen to have one of each coin to hand for their Maths lessons that would be great, please do not worry if not! I was delighted to be able to talk to the children about coming back on the 8th, their excitement was clear, and we cannot wait to be back together. 


Letters to Parents: