Class 2J

  • Miss M Jones


It was lovely to see everyone back after half term both on zoom and in school. We have begun a new poetry sequence about birds in English. The children identified verbs, nouns and adjectives, wrote their own noun phrases and even their own poems. I was really impressed by the children’s poetic language. We then moved on to learning all about prepositions. The children identified prepositions in the poem ‘The Stork’ and wrote their own sentences with prepositions in them. In Maths we have come to the end of our multiplication and division learning. The children divided by 5 and 10, making connections with operations to write inverse and commutative calculations. In Science we started our new learning about plants. The children consolidated their knowledge of naming parts of a plant from Year 1 and thought about similarities and differences. We also started our new History learning and the children thought about people who were significant to them and explained why. Well done Year 2, you have all continued to work really hard with your learning. 

Letters to Parents: