Class 2J

  • Miss M Jones


Year 2 have had another brilliant week. In English we have been doing some shared writing. The children have been recapping their understanding of non-fiction writing by using headings and sub-headings. In Maths we have been consolidating our multiplication and division learning. We developed our knowledge of equal groups that we explored through fractions in the context of multiplying. We learned all about repeated addition and the different language associated with multiplication, such as lots of and groups of. This week in Geography we have been weather watchers! The children have measured and collected the data each day and learned about the different resources that we can use to do this. We couldn’t believe how much rainwater there was on Thursday! In Art we have been designing our plastic bottle sculptures. We are making fish inspired by the sculptor that we looked at last week. We are planning to make our plastic bottle fish in 2 weeks time on Thursday the 27th May. It would be great if the children could bring a plastic bottle from home that they could use to make their sculpture. They can bring it into school at any time before then. We will try to have some spares if you are unable to provide one. 


Letters to Parents: