Christmas Plays

Hi Vicky,

 I just thought I would like to say how impressed I was yet again with the performances on Tuesday. I remember thinking last year that the children had worked so hard to perform to such a high standard and that set a precedent for future years. This year was no exception. To say it was better somehow suggests that last year’s was not as good; but this year was certainly just as polished.

 It is a testament to the capabilities of the staff to instil in the pupils enough motivation and enthusiasm to perform plays approaching 40 minutes in length when they are still so young. The staff involved should be very proud of their achievements this year.

 I know my children were very excited to learn that they had some lines to recite in the play and have an opportunity to dress up and perform. I am very proud to have my children attend a school that offers such inclusion and variety and I look forward to such performances in the future.

 I would like to wish you and your team a safe and Merry Christmas.

 Best wishes,