28th June - Thank you

Dear Staff
I just wanted to write a very quick email to say a BIG thank you for all of you that had a part in dealing with a situation that was very troubling to ~~~ and I yesterday. As many of you know ~~~ does struggle in lots of ways at school and this has a direct effect on his health (physically and mentally). However yesterday a different boy returned home after staff had stepped into and gone out of their way to support and encourage him. I know that it was a joint effort from admin through to teaching staff being involved. I just wanted to let you know that ~~~ and I really do thank you for going beyond the line of duty in many cases and making a real difference for the positive for ~~~'s day! The thing is this then meant that ~~~'s words about his day were positive as a whole, talking about other aspects of his day/ week positively; his delight that he was with in a guided reading group with the 'clever kids' (his words), the amazing book he has from the library, playtime.... we dont usually hear this kind of delight and upbeat-ness from ~~~, it was incredible! Thank you!!
With much appreciation to you all