Dinners are pre-ordered up to four weeks in advanceOrders must be placed no later than 9:00am on the MONDAY of the week before.   (Meals currently cost £2.40 each.  Cheques payable to Devon County Council). 
With effect from September 2014 ALL children in reception and KS1 are eligible to receive school lunches free of charge.  KS1 order forms are given out for you to specify which menu option your child would like to eat. It is important that these forms are completed and returned as we cook to order.
We encourage parents / carers to apply for  Free School Meals if you are eligible due to income / circumstances even though Reception and KS1 children will receive free meals without it, if you think you may be eligible, can you please complete and return the form since if you are awarded free school meals due to one of the other reasons on the form school your child would attract ‘pupil premium funding’.  Please see our website for details of how this funding is used
Food Standards
Our menu meets the food standards.
These include:
  • 1 or more portions of vegetables or salad as an accompaniment every day
  • at least 3 different fruits, and 3 different vegetables each week
  • an emphasis on wholegrain foods in place of refined carbohydrates
  • an emphasis on making water the drink of choice:
  • limiting fruit juice portions to 150mls
  • restricting the amount of added sugars or honey in other drinks to 5%
  • no more than 2 portions a week of food that has been deep fried, batter coated, or breadcrumb coated
  • no more than 2 portions of food which include pastry each week